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Has anyone been up North? Is there a mudline? Just trying to figure out where to take the Houseboat. With the little amount off runoff I figured it might not be as muddy as it usually is this time of year. Any thoughts or info is appreciated. We will be fishing and playing.

wayne gustaveson

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I have not been there since May but at that time there was a mudline near Red Canyon. But the backs of the canyons were clear. We went through lots of muddy water and then found nice water in the back of Scorup. If you look around you can find a good spot in GHB. If you are not sure then just stop at Cedar or Knowles and you wont have to worry about muddy water.


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I just got back from the lake last night. We only traveled up as high as the Floating restroom by the entrance to GHB. The water was murky but seemed clearer than when I was down two weeks ago very fishable.... Slurps from about 6 PM to Dark.
When heading back Wednesday Morning we saw slurps regularly from 7 AM to 10 AM all the way from Mouth of Cedar to the Buoy field at Halls. Some stayed up for several minutes others up and down quickly. Not one boat chasing them the entire time we drove back, we had to get back so we just watched them. Drove through several with the house boat most would spook just as we would get close but it was fun to watch their behavior as we approached from the front deck. One slurp we went through never stopped just kept on slurping. Wished we would have had the time to stop, but we would never made it home LOL
We did have 2 good evenings from Cedar to Floating restroom chacing slurps never had another boat fishing in sight of us Monday and Tuesday evenings. We did not find much in the mornings but SMB fishing was excellent and then of course the morning we left Slurps everywhere
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