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Mother Nature giveth and taketh away

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Wow I love the sun but this heat and south wind is going to KILL our winter run off. I was so excited just two weeks ago....how quickly things can change


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I think most of us are hoping for March and April to produce snow on the western slope. It sure did start off good.

Chet Garling

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I was optimistic earlier in the month now I am concerned because it is going to be 70 again today in the Roaring Fork valley of western Colorado.


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Not sure how much to trust a forecast 10 days in advance ;) but the 10-15 day forecast for the upper Green River in Wyoming and the northern Colorado mountains shows lots of rain/snow and cool temperatures.....

Up here in Pinedale, it has barely hit 45, and we are having minor flooding. A little bit of snow melt now will help prevent future flooding risks. There is a TON of snow still around, we are near the all time recorded snowpack.....
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