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Noob here. Got a mooring at Hall's. JNB put some pintle hitches on our 53'er. JNB's advice was to contact Bullfrog Executive Services for info on mooring. I called Exec Services. After a few calls they said they had one 1 1/4th in 6' steel cables available for mooring. They said I also need some shackles. Youtube does not have videos on mooring on Powell. We are launching on Thursday the 28th. Mooring on the 30th. Any advice. Shared experiences, or rude comments would be much appreciated.

Can we moor with with one cable? Is there somewhere in SLC I can pickup some cables and shackles quickly? I would realy appreciate Aramark or the Powell crew publishing a video on how to moor at Powell and what I need to moor. Thanks!
The mooring cable usually has an eye one either end. One end is attached to the buoy via a shackle through the eye, the other end attached to the boat. How it attaches to the boat depends on your boat construction. Our boat has a single attachment point at the nose, it’s basically a C clamp that we place through the second eye of the cable, and it is held closed with a cotter pin. With a single point like ours you only need a second cable. Many boats have an attachment point above each pontoon, in that case you need a second cable that will attach to the buoy and Eve out to your two contact points on the boat. Boats cab take tremendous pressure when the wind blows at Powell. Make sure your shackles are heavy duty and marine grade.

Here’s the best pics I can finding showing each


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I'm guessing that JNB put the same pintle hooks on your houseboat as they put on ours back in 2020. Here's the instructions and photos that were sent out to the owners of our houseboat on how to operate them:
Instructions for us of the pintle hooks on the attaching the houseboat to the buoy.
  1. detach stainless steel cotter pin.
  2. pull down the locking latch located back side of the pintle hook, this will open the latch.
  3. place the "eye" of the cable through pintle hook.
  4. lift the locking latch, this will close the pintle hook and secure the cable.
  5. replace the stainless steel cotter pin.
  6. houseboat is now safety secured to the buoy.
Make sure when you are attaching the cable to the houseboat that you lift the locking latch before you put in the cotter pin. I may or may not have first hand experience knowing what happens when you don't do this and seeing photos on Facebook of our houseboat pushed up against the breakwater the day after when I was already home :rolleyes:

For our houseboat, there are pintel hooks on each side of the houseboat (port and starboard). There is a cable that goes from each pintel hook that attaches to the buoy. The cables attach to the center ring on the buoy with large marine shackles similar to those in this link-

I'm unsure of the size that you will need and would assume you would need at least 2 (one for each cable) and a couple extra spares in case you ever have any issues or lose one. I would contact executive services again and see what size shackles they recommend (I'm honestly shocked they don't provide those for you). We leave the cables permanently attached to the buoy and just disconnect them from the pintel hooks when we take it off for the week.


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