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dallas massie

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Hey wayne I have been watching a lot of you-tube about the mojo rig , have you tried it. They are using it to catch big stripers in the ocean off the coast of N.J. . It seems to be a way of trolling deep without leaded line or a out- rigger. I am going to try it this spring for sure. Search bad lands mojo rig.
The jigs on those umbrellas look a lot like hyper stripers which Kentucky Kevin taught me about years ago
I am thinking trolling bull frog back water and halls at about 50 ft and hit bottom , looking at bucktails and umbrella rig shad type lures . Also plan on using umbrella rigs more and bang bottom with them. Thanks Dungee for your reply I could also use flicker shads , as the trailer.
Gem, funny how those year's go by, I could never understand how a lure like the Hyper Striper was so effective, with so little of action, but the Walleye assassin, made them so much more, when you would lose the walleye assassin, they would not hit it, must have been the action from the tail.

Dallas, don't just think 50' in Bullfrog in March, I have had good fishing in 16 ft in March trolling. Be willing to change, and try spoon's or deep running lure's, that bang off the bottom. I was over looking the shallower water year's ago, but not anymore. Some time the reaction bite from a flicker Shad or more aggressive lure, will work, when the Hyper Striper, or maybe Mojo won't. And you can get down to fish in 16 to 30 ft, a lot quicker then 50'.
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