MinnKota Trolling Motor

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A year ago I heard that the new Minnkota's with the auto retract and deploy system (via remote control) had some problems...to the extent that many were returned to the manufacture. Has anyone purchase one lately and used it to the extent that it is now reliable and functions without a problem? Thanks!
Chuck Fulton
Chuck, I was going to buy the Minn Kota Ulterra with auto deploy and stow this coming spring, but then they announced the new Ultex, which seems to be the best of both worlds. It has spring lift assist, fast electric steer and the spot lock. Minn Kota is shipping to dealers soon. There is several videos on youtube you can watch, as the pros have been using them since June. Check it out on the Minn Kota site as well. I think the Ulterra is fine now as they have worked the bugs out, but when you see the new fast electric steer on the Ultrex, its like cable steer but with the pedal a Terrova has. Just my thoughts, ranger621
I have one that I purchased this last spring. So far so good. I have had no issues and have used it for about 15 days on the water. I'm not a fan of their customer service as I had an issue with the hardware on the quick release plate I installed with it and called / emailed for help and they pretty much said it wasn't their problem. But the ulterra itself has been great and I wouldn't go back.
I'm waiting for Minn Kota to come out with a telepathic version that can read my thoughts, no more remote or pedal ha.
I'm also looking for a fish finder that labels each fish by type, size, and maybe even if it's hungry or not.

The technology that has and is coming out is really remarkable. It really is fascinating to see what they keep coming out with.
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