Mid lake quick report 10-17

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Fished Halls Ramp to Lake Canyon today. Very slow, we caught 5 fish before the wind blew us off of the lake at 2:00 pm... beautiful prior to that.
One nice SM on whopper popper..
Spooned up a nice striper and another small striper on chartreuse tube along with some small smallys.
We talked with three party’s of serious anglers... they all had a similar story... seems about 3 fish per person is the norm for a day. One group went to good hope... said it was very slow.
One party said they saw two short boils near the Rincon. No one else, including us saw any surface activity. Did see bait and Stripers at 60 to 80 feet.. spooned the one up. We hope to be in the Escalante tomorrow for a full day.. hope to do better. Other than the wind today, it’s beautiful!!
Try to update tomorrow evening
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