Mid lake august 9-10


We hit the lake late Friday with some sketchy weather but things took a turn for the better Saturday and Sunday. (We camped mid lake around Dangling rope ) boils were very small and the only success we had was when one just happened to pop up in casting distance. IF you could land a lure in a boil 1-2 fish was all we could catch. Locating the school in deeper water and dropping spoons (and speed reeling back up) was more productive. Stripers were all healthy and in the 2-3# range. We saw SMALL boils from Mountain Sheep, buoy 50, mouth of the San Juan and as far as Cha canyon (where we turned around)
Top water bass fishing early in the morning was productive as well
Not the best fishing trip ever but still a great weekend at Lake Powell


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Great report. It appears the boils will run later than usual due to the hot surface temps of the water. Now is the time to find the schools and use spoons. Usually it's not as badass but can be far better harvesting success!!