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Mid lake 4/21-4/24

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Launched Friday out of Antelope, Pontoon was finally running good so we cruised to Friendship at the earth shattering speed of 7 mph. Fished Last Chance and Rock Creek, Rock Creek was the more productive. Bite was off the hook. Water tems wer 61 in the morning and 65 afternoon. Never bothered to throw anything but a Rapala jerkbait until Sunday afternoon when the bite turned off and I had to resort to a Hula grub on the rock piles. Caught everything on the Jerkbait. Stripers, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Crappie, Walleye and Red ears. Wife threw a Model-A but did not seem to get the same quality or numbers. Caught more Largemouth than I ever have on one trip including a 5+. My wife is pretty proud of the 8+ catfish she caught off the back of the pontoon on a hot dog, it broke her crappie rod in three pieces but she landed it.
Learned that anchoring techniques are much more important with rising water than they are with receding water, boat moved up the beach 8' over three days. Had to adjust the lines 3+ times a day until the winds blew, then it was every 10 minutes.
Dropped the bass boat off in Flagstaff on the way home hopefully the new mechanic can get it to quit fouling the spark plugs every other trip out.
Be back within the month!
Not open for further replies.