Memorial Day Weekend Report

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Fished out of Stanton Creek for the weekend. While the party scene and the crowds were a bit much it was always great to be on the lake. But weather wise it couldn't have been better
41, Stripers
4, Largemouth
1, smallmouth
Large mouth and smallmouth bite was definitely slow. The second cove leading out of Stanton Creek on the main channel on your left is a must fish cove for Largemouth. At the end of the cove there is a bunch of vegetation that is now about 3 ft under water and the bass are starting to find their home there. We managed to to land some but they are easily spooked with a boat at this level. Caught a nice one with a top water jitter bug.
We did catch about 4 stripers on the entrance wall on your right at Moki but all the rest we pulled up was at the next point to the North on the right side. Some we boated on striper meat but most on anchovies and a kastmaster spoon. Some debris definitely staring to show up and the water temp at the hottest point of the day was 69.
Another awesome trip to the lake. Cant wait for the next trip.
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