May 9-11

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Wanted to send a quick report in hopes that it will help someone heading out.
Launched from Wahweap day 1 and ran to Llewellyn, fishing for SM and LM was excellent on single tail grubs, color did not matter. Spent most of the day there as the wind made things a bit nautical and left us with a long ride back to Wahweap late in the day once it laid down.
Day 2 we spent fishing Rock Creek, again phenomenal fishing for SM and LM and a few walleye, most fish caught on the single tail grubs and again, color did not matter.
Day 3 we spent in Navajo, we sat on one spot in the back of the canyon in stained water and tallied over 100 stripers on bait. We were in 30' of water, find the fish with your electronics, anchor up and the bait bite was amazing. We left late in the day (about 6 pm) and found several schools on the way out up top pushing bait in the stained water, they aggressively bit various spoons for an exciting way to finish off the trip.
Hope this helps with your upcoming trip, thank you to everyone's input on this site.
Best of luck!
we were in the back of Navajo on the 1st and seen a boat anchored in that 30ft. depth just slaying them on bait. We picked up a couple trolling walleye divers and seen another boat pull in and started trolling and they picked a walleye while we were there. We didn't stay long as there were a limit of those little sm. in the well to get cleaned.
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