May 8-12 Bullfrog Stripers

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Wayne just a quick update on this last week fishing. Stayed at bullfrog and fished around Moki, mouth of Halls creek, mouth of Hansen creek, they seemed to be the best but did catch fish most points we tried. We were targeting the points of the canyons. These fish were a mix of sizes and thickness, but most were fairly healthy. It was Amazing striper fishing this week with bait. We would chum the points of all these canyons and within minutes or less there were lots of willing stripers. All rods were bending and it got a little crazy at times. We were averaging over 100 stripers a day with the morning and the late afternoon and evening being the best bite. Water temp was about 64 early in the week and about 67-69 by the end of the week. We caught a few other species but were mainly targeting the stripers. The key was not to leave the point we picked too early, I saw some people come to a point and not see any fish and then leave. I had a few occasions where we would pull up to a spot and not see anything on the finder but after a few minutes after throwing the chum the area was full of stripers and it was game on. Its time to get some stripers in this part of the lake. Thanks Wayne for all you do. Russ


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