May 31st to June 4 - Liquid Aloha in South End

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It looks like we will be able to come up May 31st to June 4 with my brother and his family!

By that time air temps will be hot and water will be warmed well into the 60’s or maybe the low 70’s.

So a couple questions this crew may have some good feedback on:

1. Will the weekend AFTER Memorial Day still be crazy crowded? My bro doesn’t think so and I’m hoping he’s right.

2. Will the fishing still be “hot” during our timeframe and are there any specific species or locations we should be targeting in the south lake (Rock Creek or south).

My plan will be to find a camping spot in either Last Chance or Rock Creek to set up base, and go fishing in the early morning hours, exploring during the day, and fishing again in the evenings.

We’re really looking forward to it!59A604E8-77E1-4195-8381-9BC062E394B9.jpeg
Answer #1 - by Monday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend, the lake will be 60% quieter than over the weekend, but summer will have officially begun, so it will still not be as quiet as this week, for example. I usually try to stay all week that week and it does get quite a bit better after Monday.

Answer #2 - no expert on fishing, but the best fishing I've had on LP has been over the Memorial Day weekend focused on SM and LM bass. I'm reading its beyond great fishing now, but I"m not there! So I guess technically, the fishing will be worse than now, but still fantastic.

BTW - water temp on MM weekend is nearly always 68 degrees. I keep logs and it may be a degree higher or lower, but 68 is the norm from my records.
Summer season will be in full swing by then, but you basically cut 60% of lake activity as soon as you reach West Canyon and above. Fishing should remain awesome for smallmouth, and my typical Striper catch is very well for early June as well. Trolling is my #1 attempt, while watching for schools on the graph. If I see a school, and don't hookup trolling, I will stop and try spoons, and finally deploy the bait. Bait is always LAST for me, because I can't stand having that stench of anchovies on me all day.......but if it's going to fill the cooler, game ON :cool:

I'll be on the pond for a week, starting June 11th
1) The majority will pack up and leave on Monday and then the lake will become more civilized after the crazies are gone.

2) The fishing is always good on Lake Powell year around. You just need to change methods to focus on different species during the different times of the year. The fishing should still be hot for bass during your time frame. Generally, bass fishing slows down about mid June, but catfish and sunfish will be your friend throughout the summer.

Last Chance and Rock Creek have both been producing very well for me. I would stay up there. The closer you get to Wahweap, the higher the density of people will be.
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