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May 22, 2018 - Padre Bay Early Morning Bite

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Went to Padre Bay and fished solo for 4 hours (5:30am to 9:30am). Caught a total of 18 fish and kept 11 consisting of 4 stripers, 4 walleye, 1 largemouth, 1 smallmouth, and 1 bluegill. Threw back 1 catfish and 6 smallmouth. Thus, my catch rate was 4.5 fish per hour and I had caught 6 different species. I had planned to fish longer, but the wind came up making it a nuisance to continue fishing.

I started fishing the east wall of Padre Bay for stripers. The stripers were close to the wall and found from the surface to 15' deep. I could see their dorsal fin above the surface and my sonar was detecting lots of fish under the boat. I caught 1 striper on a surface lure, but they were not overly aggressive. I tried casting various plugs that would go down 15 feet, but no luck. What ended up working the best was a 3" single tail chartruese grub on an 1/8 ounce jig head tied to 8 pound test clear flourocarbon fishing line. Caught 2 more stripoers using that and then the stripers disappeared after about 1 hour.

At about 7am I went to Padre Point to see if there was any walleye that would cooperate. I continued using the 3" single tailed grub and added a nightcrawler to the hook. Landed 2 walleye on the first 2 casts then picked up a catfish that was about 1.5 pounds. All of the fish were shallow at about 15 feet deep. Also, picked up a bluegill at Padre Point incidental to fishing for walleye. The wind then began to increase which interfered with jigging the shoreline.

I then went back to the east wall of Padre Bay and got out of the wind in a cove that was directly east of Padre Point. I continued using the 3" grub and nightcrawler and landed a largemouth, another striper, and a smallmouth worth keeping to filet. By 9:30am, white caps were starting to form in Padre Bay and I decided to stop fishing and head back to the marina.

Here is a picture of what was kept.


Good luck and good fishing everyone!
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