May 21, 2018 - Bryan Weight and sons

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wayne gustaveson

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Thanks again for your help with this grandson fishing trip. We had my son and son in law, with grandsons age 9, 8 & 7. We started around 6:30 am in the Hall’s Canyon area. We all used Ned Rigs and caught 50 small mouth along with a nice walleye and 5 large mouths. Using both of the information you provided, most of our success was in the middle of each cove, very few on the outside points or in the backs of coves. It was a little strange seeing all the fish and even watching some bite the Ned Rig and swim away before the boys realized they had a fish. We enjoyed a nice cheese, meat and cracker lunch (Walmart Deli) and the boys went for a little swim. We had an hour or so left in our short day and then headed for mile marker 25. We chummed half a bag of anchovies cut into 2 to 3 pieces each, the boys dropped their line in with an anchovies attached and all 3 had fish on. Within the next 45 minutes we caught 20-25 good size stripers. Great trip, great advice. We will need better tackle for the little boys (those $12 rod/reel combo’s at Walmart just didn’t hold up. Also the jig head for the Ned Rig with the barb work great the ones without the barb were a real pain to keep the Rig up.
Thanks again for all your help and information​


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