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I've been lurking here for awhile and finally signed up. Taking a trip to Lake Powell this May and have a few questions. Is the Antelope Point ramp usually open? It looks like the lake level is close to when it would be closed. I'm bringing my boat and want to rent a slip for the week and Antelope Point has power (to charge my batteries), while the Wahweap marina overnight slips do not have power. If I stay at Wahweap I'd have to pull the boat every few days to charge my trolling motor batteries. I might as well skip the marina if that's the case, and launch every day.

I'll keep reading the fishing reports (and I've been scouring the archived reports). I don't anticipate going much further than Navajo Canyon, so I'm concentrating on the southern part of the lake. Any tips would be welcome.

My solution to that problem was to go to sportsmans and get a Honda 2000 generator. I launch and camp anywhere that works and can always have full batteries
treetop is right, by the time you have paid slip fees you would be well on your way to owning a small gen. you probably already have a charger. If not they are pretty cheap. Harbor Freight has cheap gens but they are cheap and loud. There is good camp spots in Navajo on the right side going in.
The generator idea is good but my dad's camping days are behind him. We'll be staying in Page. I'll definitely keep the generator in mind for future trips.
We take a small crock pot with and put in the pot roast, some potatoes, carrots, onion, salt, pepper,and a little Montreal seasoning, and there is a scrumptious meal ready and waiting when we get back to camp. And my c-pap battery can charge at the same time. Hondas ain't cheap, but they're fairly small, super quiet, not too heavy, and will run for over 8 hours on 6/10s of a gallon of gas. They also have a built in 8 amp 12VCD charger. Good product.
HF has a new 1600 watt genny that is "almost" as quiet as the Hondas for about $450
The public ramp at antelope point may or not be closed. Go to and look at the launch ramp click on the left sidebar for help in checking if it is open. You can check the lake level on the same page and compare it to the lowest Antelope point level. if closed just go to main ramp at Wahweap and launch and drive the boat to Antelope Point. Not a big deal . The lake won't really start to rise until mid to late June from snow melt.
Navajo Canyon can have some good fishing as can other parts of the southern lake.
Have you been here before? If not pick up a copy of Stans map at any store in town for the lake layout and the buoy numbering. Buoys are numbered from the dam up lake by how many miles they are from the dam. Get lost? Find a buoy and read the number and look on the map.
Reserve your slip early. Don't wait until the last minute. Avoid Memorial Day weekend if you can. its a zoo out there then.
Keep to the main channel between the green and red buoys if you can. Shallow water gets boats every year even a long way off shore. Be careful, if the water turn yellow that can hurt a fellow. If its yellow water you'll soon be hitting boittom if you're not careful.
Let us know what you are going to fish for and ask questions. Help will be available as will Wayne's
weekly report.
Ken as of midnight Lake Powell went up another .07' to 3594.26'. The lake level is 4.26' from closing Antelope Ramp. if you are going in May the ramp should be open.
If you stay at Antelope You can fish the dam Navajo and just a little farther is Warm creek wall that did good last year or fish Warm Creek area. Also farther is Padre Bay. We fish the Goose neck and catch SM LM and a few Walleye. If you stay at Wahweap you can use the cut and be in Warm creek in minutes.

There are so many great choices on the South end. Just go catch them and enjoy.
Thanks for all the great info. We will catch whatever we can, probably focusing on Stripers and SM. My dad's an early riser so we'll probably be out a little before sunrise. I'll remove a couple of seats so he can nap on the boat ;)
We've been having good luck at the dam and in Navajo, until today. Just a few bites this morning. Seems like 50 yards one way or the other can make a difference at the dam. We tried near buoy 3 (there are two of those buoys, by the way) without anything. Also past the entrance to Navajo where there's a sharp right turn toward Padre... nothing.

We love the fish cleaning stations at Wahweap!!


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