Maximum 2019 water level

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Randy Helzer

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If you use the graphs, and look at the comparable date that had the same amount of remaining snow pack, it appears we could see another 20’ rise (based on the rise in 2014). I would be interested in the opinions of those of you how have more expertise.
Randy, read through Lake Level Rising Rapidly post. Also, you can search author JFRCalifornia. He has done a terrific job analyzing this year's runoff compared to previous years.
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What do you think this means? Meaning, I wonder what they are thinking the water level was going to be nn 1/1/20.

"Part of that increase is due to more water coming into Lake Mead from Lake Powell, which is also being affected by the increased runoff from the Upper Colorado River Basin. According to the Lower Colorado Region’s hydrology staff, Lake Powell will be 52 feet higher than expected by Jan. 1".

I think the reporter is referencing the result of the Tier 1 balancing where water year releases from Powell will be 9.0 maf rather than the normal (if there is such a thing) of 8.23 maf.
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