Marine Survey recommendations in Page?

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Tiff Mapel

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HI all,

I'm just curious if anyone here can recommend a reputable and affordable marine surveyor in Page? I found a random one online and sent an email, but never heard back.



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We used this one about ten years ago and was satisfied with the survey. I don't know much about them but if they are still around it might be worth investigating.

Desert Marine Surveys
P. O. Box 410203, Big Water, Utah 84741

You might also call Big Water Boat Storage & Rental; They are not surveyors but do seem to be in the know about most things down that way. Perhaps they could recommend someone.

Big Water Boat
45 Independence, Big Water, UT 84741

Good luck,


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I used Capt. Tracey Depner, AMS (Accredited Marine Surveyor) for our survey a couple years ago for the survey on Serenity in Bullfrog, but he is based in Page. We were happy with his report and it seemed to be very thorough. The cost was $12/foot plus a $45 report fee. His contact information is below:

P.O. Box 2560
Page, AZ 86040
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Desert marine survey is great. They recently bought the high desert hotel in big water snd that number is 888-987-6343.


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Tiff, we've used 2 different surveyors and I'd use either one again. We actually had the opportunity to meet and speak with Jeff in 2014. He was informative and helpful.

I will say neither survey identified the most significant issue we've had with the boat, the rusting of the steel hull that resulted in our fully replacing the compartment/nose of the hull, patching the length of the hull at the water line, patching the swim step, re-welding the joint attaching the swim step and patching the engine compartments.

In 2014 we used:
Jeffery Welker
AMS (Advanced Marine Survey) in 2014
PO Box 4122
Lake Powell, UT 84533

and in 2010 we used:
Tom and Billie Streelman
Desert Marine Surveys
PO Box 410203
Big Water, UT 84741
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