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Dave Clifton

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Spent the weekend at Farley’s kayak fishing searching for crappie with no success but did manage to catch a dozen very nice sized striper. I’ll be honest. Most of my limited fish cleaning experience has been with smaller panfish so I was way out of my comfort zone cleaning these 3 to 5 lb fish. I got the job done but it wasn’t pretty. Definitely need a larger cutting board next time. Just curious if clubbing these live fish is common to keep them from flopping around during cleaning and is there anything else to do like bleeding them out. Obviously I’m a novice at cleaning larger fish. I just want to be more prepared next time. TIA!
I believe that video was the striper master of all times Tim Bagley, Tim where have you been? that guy would put 100s in the boat then go to the back and clean them.
Wayne I watched you clean fish a few years ago when I helped pull the nets but I forget what sharpener you used BTW If you've never seen Wayne clean'um you have to look fast at the technique. He doesn't take long.
Can you post a picture of it? THX
Having been through numerous electric knives i finally did the ultimate.

Bought Cutco knives. Use the hunting knife for the first 2 cuts to get the slab, switch to the fisherman’s fillet for trim.
Have filleted 100 + fish in a weekend , still sharp. Send em back for free sharpening. They replace the blade or knife
Free if needed. Spendy, yes. Have had knives replaced free.
Use a 12 volt submersible pump hooked to a faucet attached to my table for constant fresh water to fillet.
Glamping at it’s finest.
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