Lost phone at Antelope Point Boat Ramp

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Finally got to bring my daughter and her family. After loading our boat and their two jetskis, she had laid phone on back of jetski to put kids in carseat. Did not think of it till further up the road headed back to 98. Retraced, and looked with flashlights but no luck.

So many memories gone. If anyone should come across Samsung S8 Plus, black case with pink trim, we would greatly appreciate it. My number is 903 879 6154. We will head back to Texas Wednesday morning, but will pay for mailing.

Thank you.
No iCloud backup or anything like that?

Also there are apps that allow you to find a cell phone with another cell phone.
We ask every day at the check in station, top and bottom. No luck. She is hopeful pictures can be retrieved. The ...lock..app for whatever reason only tracked phone to Laguna Burger on I-40 :(
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