Lost paddle boat

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I was there this last week with my family in Padre Bay. One morning, I think it was Wednesday, the wind picked up and blew all day till about 10 am the next day. Blew hard. Well at night we must have not secured the paddle boat and when we woke up the next morning, it was no where to be found. We looked for several hours everywhere we think it could have gone. No luck. Anyone see this floating around with no drivers? imagejpeg_0(1).jpgimagejpeg_0.jpg
Thanks Wayne.the way the wind was blowing it probably went south then east. Here is another image of it. 123_1.jpeg
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My little boat was spotted. If anyone is in the area and sees it, could you drag it up on shore and tell me where it's at. It's a pain to haul to the dock.... and it would give me an excuse to go make the drive from Gilbert Az to the greatest place on earth. Thanks.
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