Looking for South Report

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We are heading up to Powell on August 4th for our annual week on the lake. We will be staying in the slip at Wahweap. Any current reports from the South would be appreciated; Navajo Canyon and down river.
Larry Vaughan

P.S. Hope to see you out on the lake again this year Wayne!

wayne gustaveson

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Look at Sam Sherwood’s recent report just posted this morning.

Striper surface action is definitely hit and miss right now. There is still some good bait fishing in Navajo, Warm Creek wall, Labyrinth Wall, Buoy 25 etc. Basically the stripers boil for an hour randomly and then go deep where they can be caught on bait. Unfortunately, the good spots move around each day depending on where the rapidly moving schools park for the day. A bit of luck is involved in finding fish. The best news is that most fish caught in the southern lake are in good shape as they have bulked up by eating lots of small shad. I will put out one more report before you get here and hope to find and report on some consistent spots and techniques.
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