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Hello, I am wanting to take some teens and a few very inexperienced fishermen to Powell for a quick weekend of fishing and would like to plan a time when they have a great chance at catching lots of fish. Also I'm thinking I'd hire a guide for one of the days to put us on stripers or teach the group some tricks. First question: How is the fishing normally in the last part of May? (Stripers/Smallmouth/Cats? Next: is there a guide that could be recommended from the Page area that would be willing to accommodate my group? Looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance. BGlenn
A guide service http://www.fishingpowell.com/Services.php
He also has some very good you tube video's.

But if you have a boat and do a little research here on Waynes words... You should be able to get people on to some fish... LOTS of good information on this site! Stripers, Bass and Cat should all be biting last part of May..

You also may want to contact admin to have your post moved over to the fishing forum.. you will get a great response there.
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I would say May is probably the best month of the year, but some may argue that October is the best. As for guides I'm sure someone here will chime in with some advise. Are you planning on fishing from shore or a boat? check out the archived fishing reports from the month of May and it will give you some places to start, and effective methods to use. Have fun and let us know how it goes.
Here is the guide list from the old website which we keep trying to move over to this site. I will just do it manually soon.

Kevin Campbell is only guiding on the river right now.
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