Looking for HB Timeshare at Wahweap

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Recreation' started by Michael Pyle, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Michael Pyle

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    Hey guys!!

    I have a 34 Mainship on D dock at Wahweap, the Pyle Aboard. We have had a few times that we needed way more room than we have on our boat for friends and Family. We have a reunion trip in June and was going to rent a houseboat but figured we might try and buy into one and have it available each year.

    Just looking for someone that could use a small partner to help cover cost. We would not use it very often since our boat fits us really well. I may end up just buying into a timeshare but can't find one with the week we are looking for this year. We need it from June 20-26 of this year.

    So figured I would put this on here and see if anyone has some ideas or knows of a timeshare thats available that week.

    I am a Audio Video Contractor so pretty technical and have lots of Lake Powell experience.

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  2. botnb

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    I have a 44x14 Boatel, that I would like a partner in, Mike. Not too big or fancy, but a solid boat with a fair amount of room. If you have any interest, email me = bchapiewsky@yahoo.com, or call 719 240 - 8112 thanks , Butch

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  3. Dane Coyle

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    I have a under used 68ft Sumerset at Antelope Dry Storage It's a 1993 but it's well maintained and in good shape. Drop me a email if you are interested in talking. dcoyleto@yahoo.com
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  4. JeffinFlag

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    I too am writing a request for a partner to share my houseboat. I am entertaining a 50% partner with easy terms. She is slipped in a perfect at Wahweap. It is a 42' x 14' Kayot. Nuttin' fancy but simple and designed for long uplake adventures. Two Honda 50's. jeffinflag@gmail.com.
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  5. Tiff Mapel

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    Hi Mike,
    We have two shares available on our 36' boat: http://wwdotcalm.weebly.com/
    It'll go back on its buoy in early June, and that week is available.

  6. TR.

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    Come back up north Tiff!

  7. Michael Pyle

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    Thanks for all the responses. I am looking for something larger than 50ft. Preferably at Wahweap but open to Antelope if the deal is right.

  8. Powelldreamer

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