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last summer i fished powell with a guide, which was expensive. would like to hit it for 2 days in about a month, on the way back from bend, oregon. is it ok to post that i'm looking for a back seat? of course, would help out with expenses. i own a century 1801 center console, but i'm not dragging it on the trip, lol, so i understand expenses, etc...also, i throw topwaters 99% of the time. thank you! if somebody can help me out i would be forever in your debt, lol.
Sounds like you're just trying to find a new friend. Don't think you need a license or permit for that! Good luck
Bill, You should post the actual calendar dates that you are looking at being at Lake Powell, along with which end (i.e. Bullfrog, Page) so people reading your post will know specifically what you are looking for. You may even want to put your email or cell in the notes although I understand some don't like to do that because of potential spammers. -Doug
since i just discovered this site, i was testing the waters to see if someone might be available. thinking of a resident that fishes a lot, and wouldnt mind having me join, for which i would be eternally grateful, lol. not sure of dates yet, or if i fish on the way to oregon, or on the way back. but i would do two days for sure. putting in near page, where i would stay. last summer was out of a huge marina with lots of houseboats (antelope?). really like topwater! we have a nearby lake (bastrop) with an incredible top bite all summer. 59 top strikes one morning! i like throwing yamamoto 3" pencil, yo zuri, and just discovered the IMA skimmer 4", which is rapidly becoming my favorite. just got 5 more from tackle warehouse! i go as clear as possible. that works on bastrop, for sure! i think i'm going to retire from teaching (still pondering), which would expand my schedule. right now i feel like leaving the middle of june. i don't smoke, but i can hammer about a third of a can of beer in my wild moments! when i lived in phx i drove up to lake powell national 3 times to play golf! moved to austin area 10yrs ago and immediately discovered fishing! hooked ever since...


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