looking for anymore Bullfrog area reports...

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    heading there in the morning, and staying until Tuesday. I will holler out for Wordlings, getting to test out a tritoon our friends bought as I am thinking of upgrading the 1984 Searay for a little more comfort.
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    We caught several dozen stripers trolling rattle-traps north of Dome Rock in 20-40 FOW Wednesday-Friday.
  3. Fished out of bullfrog Thursday and Friday. The mid day bite was pretty non-existent for us. Evening bite was where it was. Caught a few stripers and walleye trolling shad pattern husky jerks in knowles, and seven mile. Did our best casting shad pattern cranks through shad and stripers in the back of Smith Fork. On the way out we passed a couple of guys jigging spoons over them and filling buckets with stripers. Didn't even think to try spoons on them until then. We were in about 20 feet of water.
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    Hey Chet. I was down about 2 weeks ago for a week. Like several have said fishing is tough. Some spooning morning and evening if you can find the schools worked in 20-70 ft of water. Howard's 2 ounce "specials" were most successful by speed reeling through them. Breezy conditions and schools moving were a problem. If you can keep catching, the schools will stick around but drifting or time taking fish off hooks will lose the school. Trolling deep diver black and chrome lures in 20-40 ft produced in the back of Bullfrog Bay, and around the Haystacks and Hobi areas. 3-4 mph seemed to work best. As the sun went down fishing got better. the stripers were coming up and going shallow. Don't confuse the gizzards on the graph as stripers. They were in a straight horizontal line at roughly the same depth. Many fisherman I had talked to had been there for several days skunked because they kept fishing for them. The schools of stripers are in a distinct pyramid shape or hump, not in a line. Caught nothing at night in the slips with a green light. Had 30 ft of shad but not a striper with them. Did not see anyone catching off the docks either. SO the pattern is very depth specific and reaction oriented. Howard is down there and I have had calls to him confirming the pattern is still valid. good luck
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    thanks to all who replied, yes the fishing is tough, did not find schools cooperating and the green bass was definitely slower than usual, did not get a walleye but managed a few lone stripers and small bass on broken rocks, tried Moqui, the back of Lake and the mouth, in front of halls creek, across from Halls marina, coyote creek, Crystal spring, warm springs, test drove a tri-toon we will be making a switch to one soon. Saw Howard and he confirmed the fishing was tough, all in all only boated 25-30 fish for the three days.
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    chet let me know how you did. are you going to get a large boat like Royals?? a lot of deck it will be as big as old 19 when you are beached LOL
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    not quite as big as Royal's, my wife likes the idea of adding another "living room" to the houseboat when we are docked though. We are shooting for a 22' maybe 24'.
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    Not sure what your budget is, but I know the seller of this boat.
    Seems like a great deal. Mike is known for selling very clean boats.

    If you call, tell him Ryan sent you.
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    Wow nice looking boat, would serve Powell well, just a little bigger than I am looking for, thanks for posting it though, hoping to get to both Denver's and SLC's boat shows this year to help determine what brand, unless that special one pops up somewhere....