loitering in Page during closed ramp hours?

Hey Guys,

Anyone have advice on where to hang around till boat ramp opens in the morning? wahweap or antelope? walmart parking lot?

We'll likely drive up and arrive in Page around midnight towing boat from down south. I thought Antelope gate gets closed...or maybe that's right at the actual boat ramp. The parking lot would be fine...

we need to buy a new lake sticker.

any ideas would be appreciated!

thanks! I recall the lock the gate to the ramp at Antelope. Wahweap says it has a soft closure meaning no launching but retrieval is ok after hours. 7am-8pm ?

we wouldn't mind arriving at the ramp and napping if possible :) too much excitement though...but the kids and first mate can catch some sleep maybe.


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Thinking of going out after dark next trip and looking forward to it but my boat only goes 7mph max gps and only nav lights don’t ruin your night vision with spotlight ⛵️


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I only like going out in daylight but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way😓I only motor at wake less speed and know the lake pretty good at all water levels I have hit shore before at full speed in a ski boat at night it was pretty scary 😲 hit a reef/shoreline pre gps and within a minute a huge coast guard boat was looking down on us asking if we where ok I was surprised the out drive was still there we made it home and have never seen that coast guard boat again on the lake.