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Let's talk beaches.

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Or lack there of! Will the water level reaching new heights, and continuing to raise during our late June trip, be an issue? I will love to fish all the flooded brush but am concerned about usable beaches to park the houseboat on due to the brush line. We like the Cookie Jar area but I think it's going to be tough finding a decent spot. Thoughts?


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The lake always has beaches. They are just in different areas at different lake levels. The lake levels this year should be within 10 feet of what they were in 2011. So if you remember some good beaches that year, I'd suggest going to that area.

Jim Morgan

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Lots of bushes and weeds (stickers) when the water is coming up. The coves just below Cookie Jar are mostly slickrock, so less weeds. This is why we try to save our uplake houseboat trips for the Fall.

Johnny O

Most boaters will have a shovel, but I suggest bringing a couple garden rakes, the type with the hard metal teeth, as well. I find a rake is usually more efficient at clearing weeds than a shovel. Those of us who visit while the lake level is dropping will appreciate your hard work.
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