Launching Boat at Hite, Oct. 13-15

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Someone was asking about boat launching at Hite. I was asking the same thing a couple of week ago.

Just a quick report.
The undeveloped launch ramp on the South end gets a fair amount of fishermen traffic, has a nice courtesy dock. Good access with parking and camping area nearby. Saw about 13 trailers there Friday and Saturday, only about 6 or so by mid day Sunday. You have to back in aways, most get the front wheels wet slightly, but saw no one slipping or sinking at all, solid, no drama launch site. Saw deep V boats over 20' having no trouble at all. I launched there 2 weeks ago at just over 3629 with no issues. I think it was just under 3628 this weekend. No one seemed to have any issues.

I launched and retrieved several times last weekend at a spot the locals use just South of the concrete ramp. No issues, picture attached, we launched and tied the boat right at our camp. left it in the water Friday night, but put it in and out Saturday, in case the wind was bad again.

The folks at the Hite store, Bob and Janice, are great and lots of help, if you call the store. The store is only open 11-4 now and they expect to close soon, maybe the end of the month.

They have fuel, including 91, ice, free dump station. Flush toilets, no showers.

Some pretty good size boats are launching there, at this time. Good luck!


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we are heading out tonight. probably sleep in the parking lot at Hite tonight. Not sure yet about setting up camp on Friday -- looks like the W is going to be there with us. But Saturday, Sunday, and Monday look pretty darn good!
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