Last 2 weekends from Bullfrog

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Took two trips to Lake Powell in the last two weeks.
Fishing on the 4th up to Two Mile with my wife, we ended up with a few stripers in the mouth of 2 mile, and a few smallies and largies fishing along the shore with a drop shot senko. Only fished the one day with her then.

Went back on the 8th and 9th with my dad. Fishing the broken rocks along the main channel on Friday managed a few good smallies and largies, then up to two mile where we managed a few more bass, a bluegill, a healthy walley, all on a drop shot rig, and a single striper jigging.
On the 9th we headed down lake to Lake Canyon where we managed to get some topwater love. Ended up catching some juvie stripers, decent sized smallies and a lone largemouth on topwater in Lake Canyon along the wall. Went on down to Iceberg canyon where we managed a few smallies, then when putting across the channel the screen lit up. Dropped in the spoons and were kept busy for an hour or so yanking in stripers.
Good trip all in all, especially taking a load of fish and having a fry with family.
I'm torn on which direction to go for my next few trips... I always go North, but we did sooo good down south that it will be a tough decision as the winter progresses.
Good Luck!
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