Lakemaster waterlevel offset.

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Just bought this and plan to use it this week. Does anyone know what "zero" is at. I assume 3700'. So if the water level is at 3635' I should set it at -65.

I also have the navionics app for my iPhone. Pretty nice for $10 but found that using the lake offset for that app is not at 3700'. Iirc I had to max it out at 50' and it was still low compared to the lake level when it was at 3630'.
Yes, you would set it -65ft. The lake maps are at full pool (3700ft).You will want to make sure that you adjust it again when you go to another lake. I had mine set -107ft in march and found it reading within 1ft of depth finder, but when I went to another lake in April it showed the boat 80ft up on shore. simply had to readjust the the depth offset.
Thanks. Was looking between my hummingbird default map and navionics on my phone. It was too much to look at and drive at the same time. Looking forward to just using lakemaster.
Have fun, wish I could get out and play with mine some more but life keeps getting in the way.
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