Lake Tahoe expected to fill up with largest physical rise in recorded history

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    Lake Tahoe above its natural rim after unrelenting storms in January and February 2017:

    Lake Tahoe reached 6,226.84 feet on Wednesday, March 15. The Lake is full at 6,229 feet.

    Tahoe is the sixth largest lake in the United States, fed by 63 tributaries that drain 505 square miles known as the Lake Tahoe Watershed. With a vast surface area of 191 square miles..

    Lake Tahoe's natural rim is at 6,223 feet above sea level. The lake can store an additional 6.1 feet in its reservoir and climbs up to 6,229 feet at full capacity, its legal maximum limit. .. its largest physical rise in recorded history going back to 1900.

    Sierra Nevada snowpack is piled high with the most snow it has seen in decades, and a recent survey on March 1 indicated the snowpack is 185 percent of average.. this snow will melt and pour billions of gallons of water into the rising lake.
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    This is a good thing, I remember reading last year they were having problems with algae due to the drought....
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