Lake Powell VHF and NPS radio streaming - need a host site

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Grant Stevens - USBR

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Hey Folks,
Many were disappointed to see the Lake Powell "Broadcastify" radio streaming feed go dark recently. For those not familiar with the site, it allowed you to listen on your computer or smartphone, to NPS and other emergency services as well as VHF marine radio traffic at the lake. For those away from the Lake, it was nice to listen in once in a while in between trips.

Also all transmissions are recorded and archived, which allowed the ability to go back and listen to events such as the recent microburst storm.

Unfortunately the existing internet connection is a Verizion cellular modem, and is not proving reliable for a full time radio feed.

Kurt (the owner of the feed), is hoping to find someone in the Lake Powell area, with a location that overlooks the Lake, to host the equipment. The site would need to be at a good/high reception point, have access to the internet and have AC power. The current location is near Vista Ave. in Page.

Kurt mentioned he has a number of remotely located/remotely operated radio feeds and is very willing to help folks understand the relatively small footprint/power and internet requirements, and can provide references from folks whom he has worked with in the past.

Please post if you are interested, and I will provide you with Kurt's contact information. Thanks for your interest, hopefully we can get he feed restored.

Great news, the feed is back online!

The stability of the site will continue to suffer until we find a new home for the scanner, as the site was restored with the exiting unstable cellular modem connection.

Help us find a new location!:
If you know someone with a home or business with internet access and good radio coverage above the lake, please inquire if they are interested in hosting the feeds radio equipment. The equipment is small and draws little power and almost un-noticible internet bandwidth. Please consider hosting the equipment, contact Kurt at the "Contact Broadcaster" link on

Link to site at broadcastify:
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