Lake Powell river drainages ranking

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I posted this info in another thread in response to a question about which drainages have the biggest impact for helping fill up Lake Powell. I've often wondered that as I've looked at the map for the upper Colorado River-

So I went through and dug up the data from the USGS website and discovered which drainages are the most important. The numbers are reported as the annual mean of the daily cubic feet per second discharge.
Southeastern Utah- almost nonexistent and not worth noting- 2.51
Escalante/Fremont/Muddy- 92.2
San Rafael/Price- 236.8
Duchesne- 505.1
Dolores- 583.5
Animas- 904
Roaring Fork- 1184
San Juan- 1226
Yampa/White- 1400.5
Gunnison- 2507
Upper Colorado- 2415
Green- 3297
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