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Lake Powell, in Asia?

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I always like finding pictures of places that are very similar to Lake Powell, being that its such a unique place.
These pictures are from Thailand, looks very similar to Powell, only a hint of jungle in the way far background. Enjoy.


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I've gone to a number of places where people said "it is a lot like Lake Powell". Two I remember are Flaming Gorge and Navajo Lake. Once we go, inevitably I wonder if those people have ever even been to Lake Powell, because they never compare.

At least those photos look like it would be somewhat similar. Just not sure how I can get my Malibu out there.....


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I once passed two couples on the street, and overheard the comment " This reminds me of Lake Powell." Now this was shortly after my first trip so Admittedly I still had a lot to learn.....I kept walking as I thought about the comment, trying to the relationship. Finally I just had to turn around and question these folks. I approached, explaining I had recently returned from my first trip and LOVED Powell, but I REALLY wasn't getting the connection.........

We were in the depths of lower manhattan near the stock exchange!!!!!

The women explained that meandering the narrow streets, surrounded by the towering office buildings, with only a tiny slit of blue sky above reminded her of the canyons at Powell. That's a Powell lover - I think
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