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Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Library


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A common question people have is what maps, guidebooks or just information in general there is for planning a trip to Lake Powell or learning more about the area. I'm always looking for new sources of information too. So I thought I'd start a thread that identifies a "library" for Lake Powell info. I'm just going to start this by listing the books and maps I have at home, with the idea that there are undoubtedly many other sources that other people on this forum have that would be interesting to read. As for the list below, I've read them all, and some of these many times, or use them as constant references. A few of these are "must haves" if you're at all interested in the area, but all of them provide great insights of one sort or another. And as for the listed websites at the end, this is just the tip of the iceberg but all of these are ones I check out routinely (including this site!)... looking forward to seeing what others have to add to this list...


Boaters Guide to Lake Powell, 2nd edition. Michael Kelsey. 1996.
Boaters Guide to Lake Powell, 4th edition. Michael Kelsey. 2001.
Boaters Guide to Lake Powell, 5th edition. Michael Kelsey. 2008.
Boaters Guide to Lake Powell, 6th edition. Michael Kelsey. 2016.
The Lake Powell Boaters Guide. Dennis Netoff, et al. 1989.
Hiking Grand Staircase-Escalante and the Glen Canyon Region. Ron Adkison. 1998.
Hiking and Exploring the Paria River, 3rd edition. Michael Kelsey. 1998.
Hiking and Exploring the Paria River, 6th edition. Michael Kelsey. 2017.


Lake Powell Boating Charts. Steve and Gail Brown. 1989.
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (map). National Geographic. 2018.
Upper Lake Powell Slots, 2015 Canyon Atlas. Joe Beradi. 2014.
Boating and Exploring Map. Stan Jones.
Indian Country Guide Map. AAA.
Lake Powell North. Fish N Map Co.
Lake Powell South. Fish N Map Co.
Guide Map to Lake Powell. North Star Mapping.
Navigating Lake Powell Map. Dave Tate. 1996.
Page-Lake Powell Official Visitors Guide. 2004.

Journals – Travel – Description – Photos

The Exploration of the Colorado River and the High Plateaus of Utah by the Second Powell Expedition of 1871-1872. Herbert Gregory. 1949.
The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons. J. W. Powell. 1895.
A Canyon Voyage—The Narrative of the Second Powell Expedition. Frederick Dellenbaugh. 1908.
First Through Grand Canyon. Michael Ghiglieri. 2003.
The Place No One Knew. Eliot Porter. 1963.
A Wild Redhead Tamed. Pete Klocki and Tiffany Mapel. 2013.
The Colorado River Through Glen Canyon Before Lake Powell—Historic Photo Journal 1872-1964. Eleanor Inskip. 1995.
The Emerald Mile. Kevin Fedarko. 2014.

History – Sociology – Science

Glen Canyon Dammed. Jared Farmer. 1999.
Dead Pool. James Lawrence Powell. 2008.
Beyond the Hundredth Meridian. Wallace Stegner. 1953.
Down the Great Unknown. Edward Dolnick. 2001.
Hole in the Rock. David Miller. 1959.
White Canyon. Tom McCourt. 2003.
Encounters with the Archdruid. John McPhee. 1971.
Singing Stone—A Natural History of the Escalante Canyons. Thomas Lowe Feischner. 1999.
Floating Hogans in Monument Valley. Wanda Morlan Ellis. 2007.
New Courses for the Colorado River. Gary Weatherford and F. Lee Brown. 1986.
Grand Canyon – Solving Earth’s Grandest Puzzle. James Lawrence Powell. 2005.
Standing Up County. C. Gregory Crampton. 1964.
Ghosts of Glen Canyon. C. Gregory Crampton. 1988.
A River No More: The Colorado River and the West. Philip L. Fradkin. 1968 (1996 editiion).
A Story That Stands Like a Dam: Glen Canyon and the Struggle for the Soul of the West. Russell Martin. 1989.

Biography – Memoir

My Lake My Life. Wayne Gustaveson. 2015.
Glen Canyon Betrayed. Katie Lee. 2006. (updated version of "All My Rivers Are Gone")
Ramblings by Boat and by Boot. Stan Jones. 1998.
Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty. W. L. Rusho. 1983.
The Very Hard Way—Bert Loper and the Colorado River. Brad Dimock. 2007.

Literature – Anthology

The Monkey Wrench Gang. Edward Abbey. 1975.
The Glen Canyon Reader. Mathew Barrett Gross. 2003.
Desert Solitaire. Edward Abbey. 1968.
Beyond the Wall. Edward Abbey. 1971.


I could list dozens here, but these are among the ones I find the most useful or have some sort of unique insight about the lake or region:

Glen Canyon Dam | Water Operations | UC Region | Bureau of Reclamation
http://www.lakepowell.org/documents/Lake Powell Chronology - 1960's.pdf
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When are we going to see the Lake Powell Boating, Camping and Hiking Guide written by:


Once that book is available we will only need one reference to become familiar with all the canyons in Lake Powell and beyond! Can't Wait!!!
working...working... the dilemma is what not to include, and how to manage my time with a day job that keeps getting in the way...