Lake Powell Blues

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Me and my boys and good friend spent all last week at Lake Powell.. My good friend and I have been coming to Lake Powell for 20 years. As I left early Sunday morning for the long 12 hour drive to Reno/Carson City area it was sad to say good bye to one of my favorite places on earth.. It was an epic week last week with 200 fish caught (buoy #3 was good to is this year).. If all of you are like me, I will have to deal with the Lake Powell blues until next year.. Powell is such a marvelous place, its only place in the world that you can be at and leave our busy world (for me) behind and think of nothing.. Thank you Wayne and NPS for making this beautiful place and enjoyable place to fish, relax and enjoy this treasure of the desert.

So I leave you this photo that was taken the morning of April 12 by my good friend of this beautiful sunrise over Lake Powell..


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Thanks for sharing your reports and fishing spots. It is much appreciated. I am glad the fish responded well to your techniques and expertise. Looks like you know what you are doing.
No. I was unable to make it that far up... so unfortunately I don't know.. I know the southern end of Lake Powell fishing is hot right now..
Great job gettin Lake Powell fishing out there in the weekly news. You had a great day and caught a ton of fish. Thanks for sharing that with Adam and giving your family memories that will never be forgotten.
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