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Lake Powell area counted 4.6 million visitors in 2017

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The Lake Powell area counted 4.6 million visitors in 2017, compared to Zion’s 4.5 million. For Glen Canyon, that was more than a twofold increase over 2013 and was the first time Zion was topped.

A National Park Service press release credited the surge in numbers to land-based recreationalists like hikers.

Glen Canyon visitors vastly outspent their Zion counterparts, shelling out $361 million, compared to Zion spending at $251 million. With economic output coming in at $425 million, Glen Canyon placed ninth out of 417 park units. The lake and its surroundings support over 5,000 jobs, representing $137 million in income.

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According to the Sierra Club, those jobs could be re-allotted to washing off the bathtub ring around the lake once it is drained.


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The youngin did a survey of boaters there and found a very surprising low number of people that didn't fish
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