Keeping Bait Frozen

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Doing a 4 day kayaking fishing camping trip in May. I would like to use frozen anchovies as bait. Any suggestions on how I can keep it frozen for 2-3 days? What other non artificial bait is good for stripers, walleyes, and catfish that requires no refrigeration? I was thinking of trying corn and spam. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I use a small styrofoam shipping cooler you can get from any of the local veteranerian. They get their supplies shipped to them that need to stay cold, then toss them. They will keep dry ice for days. Sq
Years ago, I bought a bunch of chicken livers and hearts, and left them on top of the houseboat in a Mason Jar. If you could stand the smell to put the bait on the hook, the catfish loved it.

I have success on silver spoons (like kastmasters) for stripers.
10 4 everything im powell likes them

I have had good success with them as well, but havent used them where I would normally bait fish with anchovies. Do you think they work just as well as anchovies fished down over a school or along cliffs? I guess I always thought the smell of the anchovies was the big attractant to them.
Ha ha anchovies stinks are nasty and unnecessary to catch stripers, gulp or spoons in schools, anchovies are really really not needed inho.
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I heard these work pretty well.

The gulp alive 3" pearl flip tail minnows is about all my wife fishes with when we are casting. As Bobco said they will catch any thing that swims in Powell. The only difference that I can tell between the gulp alive and the regular gulp products is that the regular gulp products come in a plastic zip lock bag, and the gulp alive come in a little jar that has a juice that makes them more attractive to the fish. What ever that stuff is in the jar, it is nasty stuff if you get on yourself, anything in your boat. it's easy to wash off with water if you get it before it dry's. If you look back a year or 2 ago about this time of year, a friend of mine caught a 28 pounder right out in front of Halls creek marina using a 3"gulp minnow in smoke shad. He was just drifting around trying to find a school on the fish finder fishing in about 30 feet of water when it hit. Don't leave them on a hook out of the water for very long, as they will start to dry out and do not perform as well and if they dry out completely, you have to cut them off of your hook. Any jig head will work, but we have had better luck with the ones that are white or whitish and have a fish head and eyes painted on them.
with stripers allowed to use as both chum and bait, I don't understand why anyone would keep anchovies on their boat (or kayak)! Leave those stinky, scaly, nasty things at the store! Just catch a striper, fillet it, then cut 1 fillet into 2x1 inch strips. The great thing with a fresh striper filet is that it will stay on your hook for multiple fish. No more re-baiting every-other cast.
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