Keel guard for north lake beaching


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Just to manage your expectations a bit, those of us at the north end of the lake use the word "beach" somewhat differently than do those from the south. We tend to use it to mean anything other than a solid rock shoreline. Sometimes southerners arrive thinking that we mean sandy beaches akin to Lone Rock Beach. We don't.

We do have lots of very beautiful and breathtaking sights. And if there's some dirt, mud, gravel, or sand meeting the water nearby, we call that a beach. ;)
A question pertaining to the north’s beaches....Has anyone used a keel guard? Do they work? Do they last? Or, is it just another thing to throw money away?


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I installed one on my Bayliner 2 years ago. Installation is a 2 person job for sure. Very happy with it. You have to mark out the area and be very careful not to put the primer where it isn’t needed. You do get enough primer, but just barely. That was the only issue I had with it. I beach my boat most of the time. I also bring an old motorcycle tire to run my boat up on. Sq


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I thought keel guards were standard practice on fiberglass boats? I have one on mine....

I use an anchor buddy -- one of those bungee chord ropes attached to my anchor. We drop the anchor before pulling in to the beach, let the line stretch, set our tie ropes to the beach to unload, then loosen the lines (tie ropes to beach) so the boats pulls away from the beach for the night. No beach rash on the hull.

Also -- we saw a scorpion in Wetherill over Labor Day this year.


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I use a keel guard on my sport boat. I put it on the beach every day and night, and it seems to work well. Asked the dealer about putting keel guard on my cruiser. He laughed and said "quit worrying, your keel is solid fiberglass 2.5 inches thick".


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He is a fool. After years of beaching my Bayliner, the Hull was worn thru the clear coat and painted surface darn near to the fiberglass cloth. Get the keel guard installed and sleep easy, it’s well worth the money. P. S. I stole the tire idea from TR. Sq