Kayaking the Escalante

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Recreation' started by Steven Kessler, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Steven Kessler

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    Me and a friend are planning a trip to kayak and explore the Escalante river toward the end of September. We contacted Halls Crossing marina to get a quote on how much it would be to get a water taxi to drop us off at the mouth of the Escalante and we quoted $200 an hour and $600 total round trip. We were hoping someone on here knows of a cheaper option or has any suggestions of how best to get down to the Escalante. Would it be possible to hitch a ride with people going out to fish for the day? Thanks in advanced for the assistance!

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  2. Dungee Fishing

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    Good luck, I think you are on the right track, much better option than the water taxi.
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  3. Steven Kessler

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    Thanks Dungee, we're keeping our fingers crossed.
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    Try posting this on the recreation forum and see if more folks look at it there.
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    There aren't too many people, that head to the Escalante to fish just for "the day". When I head there, I am there at least 4-5 days minimum. It's a long haul from the South End!
    I think if you do luck out and find a ride there, the return trip could be an issue for ya! :cool:
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    A good kayaker would just drive to the top of hole in the rock and kayak down then take the kayak back up when you're done. That should get you close. I mean, if the pioneers could do it. Right?
  8. Bill Sampson

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    Bring your chains!
  9. tt600

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    Look for a one way ride. Then kayak back. It's not that far. Can't imagine you would strike out on a Saturday if you waved a few Benjamins at the dock.
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    Thanks for the suggestion birdsnest, I didn't even realize this was an option. Looking into the logistics of doing that now!
  11. Steven Kessler

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    Awesome, thanks for the insight. This is starting to sound more plausible.
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    FYI, couple summers ago a guy showed up at Exec and needed a ride down to Hole in the Rock for his kayak. He drove there, hiked down with his Kayak, was on the water for awhile and realized he didn't really have the right kayak for the lake and attempted to hike the kayak back up. He only got it about 200 feet up before he gave up. Hiked to the top and drove to Bullfrog and paid the $200 lake run fee to go get his kayak. His kayak was relatively small and light too. He said getting it down wasn't much of a problem just letting it slide slowly most of the way, but the hike up is brutal.
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