July Family Trip

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Our summer has gotten a little bit jumbled up as we decided to change (upgrade) houseboats. So we had a last minute trip over July 4 as the purchase of the new to us share came through.

It was a family trip with my dad, my inlaws, my nephew, and one other family coming with us.

The generator on the new boat is not functioning properly, and I didn't want to fight the July heat without air conditioning, so we stayed in the slip. And had a great time.

I am getting more confident with my Mavic. But still not enough to try a take off and landing from the boat.







As you can see, I am still having a difficult time with the colors on some of the photos. Hard to not have the photos washed out, despite trying to edit.
In Halls Creek Bay, we saw a bunch of people standing on the rocks, and jumping down into a hole. Some of our group went up and investigated. It was about a 10' drop, and the other people there said that the hole was about 12' deep. There were some sort of fish in the hole as well.

Kind of cool to see. Two of our group did jump in, but they said the water quality wasn't very good.

As a side note, the two that went up did end up cutting their feet. I am sure it was on mussels. :(
Also trying out my first wake surfing videos. I have a lot of work to do on editing.
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