Jerk Baits?

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Isn't this time of year when we all start thinking of getting back to Powell, to see the beauty that never ends, and of course to get our lines wet!?! Some call it cabin fever and I definitely have it! I am thinking of making our first trip this year on March 27-30th. Probably up the San Juan. So my question for this thread is what about jerk baits? I have never really tried them at Powell. Has anyone had experience and/or success using one this time of year? I seem to have great success trolling a #12 Husky Jerk for stipers when I use the down riggers. Hopefully that will help someone catch a few more this year. I would like to target both smb and lmb on this trip. Any suggestions, methods, or tips would be appreciated. Thanks to all.

Dungee Fishing

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I haven't utilized them much at Powell either, just yesterday I picked up a couple of the Lucky Craft suspending pointer's though and cant wait to try them out in a couple weeks!

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I looked on-line and found this advertisement.

In the early part of the year, from the pre-spawn through the spawn, they are especially deadly – as they allow anglers to rapidly and efficiently cover water to find groups of actively feeding fish.

Here are 7 top jerkbaits you may want to add to your arsenal this spring:

1. Lucky Craft Staysee
buy lucky craft staysee

Although the Lucky Craft Staysee is just one of several quality jerkbaits produced by Japan’s Lucky Craft, they are unique in that they feature a much deeper dive curve than most other models, allowing them to be worked into the 8-10 foot zone – which can be the difference between minimal success and an all-out whack fest. The Staysee is 3 ½ inches long, weighs 7/16 ounces, and features an internal weighting system that allows it to cast extremely well, even into the wind.

2. Gary Yamamoto Tenkuu
yamamoto tenkuu

The word Tenkuu means “sky” in Japanese, and it was chosen to reflect the ease by which this jerkbait erratically darts back and forth. The Yamamoto Tenkuu is tuned out of the box to suspend perfectly, features unique holographic foiled finishes, and comes with top quality hooks and hardware. This bait is truly ready to fish right out of the box, and it’s already made an impact in the tough hard bait industry.

3. Ima Flit
ima flit

Although most modern jerkbaits feature an internal weighting system to create longer casts, the engineers at Ima Japan purposely didn’t include that feature when designing the Ima Flit. The reason for the omission – internal weights have a tendency to deaden the action of a jerkbait on the retrieve, something the Flit has in spades. With a narrow profile and super realistic finishes, the Flit acts unlike any other jerkbait in the water. When jerked, it reacts instantaneously and no two retrieves will result in the same look, which really appeals to finicky bass.

4. Biovex Amp Stay 80
biovex amp

Designed specifically to catch bass on clear, pressured fisheries, the Biovex Amp Stay 80 is built more as a finesse jerkbait than anything else. On the twitch, it has a subtle darting motion and side-to-side wobble that looks more natural than many other jerkbaits on the marketplace. It also suspends perfectly and comes in 8 deadly finishes.

5. LIVETARGET Baitball Series Glass Minnow
livetarget baitball glass minnow

LIVETARGET unveiled the “Baitball” concept a couple years back, and if the host of awards it’s won since are any indication; it’s going to be around for a while. Instead of mimicking a single baitfish, the Baitball Series Glass Minnow is designed to mimic a small school of tinier baitfish, swimming and twitching in a tight ball. This is something really natural to predatory fish, particularly in the springtime when baitfish are at their smallest.

6. Lunkerhunt Floating Jerkbait
lunkerhunt floating jerkbaits

Although most of the jerkbaits on this list suspend on the pause, the Lunkerhunt Floating Jerkbaitdoes the opposite – it floats. In reality, it’s less of a float and more of a slow rise, which sets it apart from the rest and provides a look that they haven’t seen before. Equipped with sticky-sharp hooks, the Lunkerhunt Floating Jerkbait weighs ½ ounce, and can be worked down to 6 feet with a steady cadence, then allowed to slowly rise into the strike zone.

7. Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait
yo zuri 3db

Yo-Zuri has long been making top-quality hard baits, and the 3DB Jerkbait is another excellent addition to that list. The thing that makes the 3DB Jerkbait unique is that it’s one of the only suspending jerkbaits that features flat sides, which create a completely different vibration pattern, and make it much more responsive on the twitch. Instead of “digging” into the water, it has more of a glide – which bass in clear water just can’t stand. It’s especially deadly on stop and go retrieves.


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I use both deep and shallow jerk-baits. I have had great success with the suspending models. Get a cadence going and then stop it for a couple of seconds. Remember flouro sinks, so don't use braid. Just my opinion. P.S. Hang on tight because Smallies will try to destroy your bait!

Tyler Allan

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I'm always looking for another piece of the puzzle. It would be nice to do a multi species catch on this trip. Hopefully a jerk bait can be part of it!


Remember to jerk on slack line it sounds crazy but it will make the lure more erratic I catch fish all year at Powell all year long on jerk baits. Kvd has a shad color one that is pretty good
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I coming down in May and hope to discover a new "secret weapon" for both L/SMB and Stripers: Mirrolure's Mirrodines. I know they work well on wipers, so there's no reason they shouldn't on Powell predators, too.
I took a look at the action of the bait online. It is a good shad imitator. It will work for stripers and other fish from early May and all through the summer as long as the shad population is strong. Hope you see some slurps and boils to go along with bass along the shoreline.
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I played with jerk baits a bit last year. Considering I had / have no idea what I'm doing they worked pretty well. I pretty much kept a rod on hand with a lucky craft and would pick it up and work it in some good structure. I managed to land a couple really nice LMB. But it was hit or miss for me....I am sure most likely from me learning what I am doing with them. But when it was hit they smashed the lure hard and seemed to all be good fish!


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I never get on the water without one, unless I am specifically after striper. (Prefer a single hook, and less expensive bait.) My favorite jerkbait was discontinued many years ago, so I bought all I could find online. Still haven't found a bait that will catch them as consistently as the discontinued one.
It's one of my favorite fishing methods. Catch a few and you will be "hooked".
All of the info posted so far is spot on. Good luck and sore thumbs!