Jack's Arch - Mouth of San Juan

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April 7, 2007 - Mike and Janna O'Loughlin (MoJo)

Lake Elevation: 3599

Jacks Arch -Mouth of San Juan

Mike and Janna hiked Jack’s Arch on April 7, 2007. The water level was 3599. The hike to Jack’s Arch begins in Confluence Cove. This cove is not always labeled on all maps; it is the first canyon on the left as the mouth of the San Juan flows into the main channel. You shouldn’t have any problem beaching your boat at the back of the cove, (just stay on the right side).

I suggest you start your hike early in the morning because you will be hiking along the east canyon wall and you will have shade all morning.

Begin the hike by following the stream bed.

An added bonus is after only hiking approximately 50 yards you see this alcove, which is actually an arch in the making.

As you hike, keep the canyon wall on your right. You may hike part of the way on the slick rock or continue to follow the stream bed. It might be fun for the kids to hike the valley and follow the deer trails. Even though there are several trails they all lead to Jack’s Arch. The cool shade of the arch alcove seems to be a gathering spot for deer.

If you are following the valley, the brush does get thick.

After the first rise in elevation, you have a beautiful view of the cove and you can see Navajo Butte in the background.

You probably won't need them, but look for the cairns for directions.

Jack's Arch is not a rim arch so don't look up high. You'll find it where the canyon wall meets the valley.

Guaranteed! You’ll be thrilled when you find it!

The truly unique feature of Jack’s Arch is that in another 10,000 years or however long it takes to make an arch, Jack’s will be two side by side bridge arches. Maybe then “they” will change the name to Jack & Jill Arches.

Don’t forget to take your picture.
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