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Hey guys, it's that time of year for me when my business takes over my life and I have little time for anything else. So the consequence is I spend very little time on here until the late fall months when I slow down get through hunting season and can get back to the lack for a couple trips in October / November.

But......I'd love to keep up to date with your catches over the summer. So if you are on instagram throw out your screen name / handle so I can follow you and see what you are catching!

I have 2 instagram accounts that I post up pics to. One for my business at @uintarecreation and @mtnpull for my family & personal. I typically post up more scenic pics on the business account and family fishing pics on the personal ones.

Post up your screen names!
Haha, I just got back on for the first time after posting this and found this post to be a giant flop. Oh well! Have fun fishing this summer y'all!
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