If I'm already on the lake when the shut down occurs?

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So, what happens if I'm already on the lake, in the buoy field, if we don't get a budget deal and the gov' shuts down? Can I stay on the lake or will rangers ask me to leave? Obviously I can't expect to buy gas, ice, etc. and there won't be any services to repair or tow boats.......
As I recall, Sheriff Eldridge and the boys went out to the Halls "gate" and demanded that folks with boats be allowed access to their boats, at least for maintenance reasons. (Couldn't be denied access to their personal property). I think if I were you, I'd go that route, and include a "test drive" to make sure your "repairs" were in proper working order.

BTW, I LIKE that guy!

Last time it happened (2103) they eventually sent NPS boats around the whole lake telling people they had a day or two to leave, if memory serves.
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