Iceberg end of April

Headed down to camp in iceberg and fish the rincon area. Any thoughts on how the fishing will be this year with the water down compared to last year?

Tyler Allan

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I used to camp in Iceberg and fish the Rincon area for many years for our spring trip. I passed by the Rincon on my way to the San Juan the last week of March this year. There are still plenty of good areas to fish there. The water is very clear in that part of the lake. We always did well with single tail grubs, and tubes. Also another great option there would be the drop shot and Carolina rigs. We caught lots of smallies. Also in our bag were walleyes, and large mouth bass. My personal best striper of 12 lbs was caught there in the Rincon trolling in the bay area where the floating out house is.
Find the rocky shore areas and cast for the bass. Good luck!