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Bill Sampson

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I am coming up to the Lake July 6th for a week, and as always will be on the San Juan. I usually try to anchor my houseboat just before the opening to Great Bend. My question here is: What is the floating debris situation up there? I was in that area last year and there was too much to find a good location. Any updates would be appreciated.

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Well I haven't been in San Juan this year, but I do know that 90% of floating debris is caused by snow runoff. I went 50 miles uplake recently, and saw zero driftwood anywhere this year. I'm willing to bet there will be clear water just about everywhere :cool:
There was no significant release from Navajo Reservoir this year(last year it was quite large for an extended period). The current release is pretty minimal, so there should be no problem with driftwood in the San Juan.
Happy to say we will be able to report Aug. 17. While run off is low this year, I'll bet water clarity will be fantastic. Enjoy your trip and be safe.
Thanks to everyone for the information. We go to the San Juan to water ski, wakeboard, air chair, and occasionally barefoot if the water is smooth enough. There is nothing worse than hitting floating debris with any of the above.
Have a good summer.
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