Hull / Pontoon swap ?

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    Hello All , can any one provide information as to who on the north or south lake for that matter who can and is capable of doing a pontoon Hull replacement on 65 " houseboat ? We have new hulls coming and are looking for a reputable boat shop that is capable of doing the task. Look forward to any advise anyone has.
    Thanks - Hydrodyner
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    I would definitely check with Lake aPowell Marine (928) 645-2592 in Page (they were bought out by Energy Marine, but still using the old name I think.

    The cut off and replaced a significant portion of our steel mono hull, and put a new roof on our boat in the last 2 years. We are very happy with the work they did on Make A Motion.

    Happy to give you my number as well if you want to chat
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  4. al burnham

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    Hello and thank you for the information. We can be reached at 970-963-2158. Would love to chat. Al B

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    Trent Southerland at Lake Powell Marine did Powell Brides job, as he is my friend I am very biased, but I do not believe you can go wrong using his services.
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    I would warn against using people north lake to do this safest is going to be south lake where the facilities are much better.
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    Trent and Kelly were great to work with, especially considering they inherited our job as part of the buy out. Greg who managed the houseboat jobs for Lake Powell Marine and stayed on with Trent and Kelly was also fabulous to work with. Can't say enough good about this team and we will use them again
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    I feel for the vendors on the north end, the environment doesn't make it easy to hire employees, much less be picky about quality, skills and dependability. I'm thankful for all they do manage to provide given the limitations they work with, but I agree, a big job like this is probably better managed on the south where there are more resources
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    Thank you all for the information. We have contacted Greg @ lake Powell Marine and had a nice chat. Now we need to figure out a "Somerset " trailer to pull out and store the boat on while done . It needs to pick up the boat on the superstructure, not the bottom of the Hulls. Any ideas on a lead here?