How to find fish at Bullfrog?

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wayne gustaveson

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I was asked this question today:

I'm coming to Lake Powell towards the end of March and was wondering where to find some stripers and how to catch them?

Here is my answer. The first course of action is to read fish reports on (the old site). Those reports are still there and you can access the spring reports from many years past. I get most of my data from the southern stripers because that is where I live and work. However, the data provided usually carries over to fish activity in the entire lake. Recently the troll, spoon and cast techniques are working well in all canyons containing shad. When we find fish in Warm Creek, Navajo, Rock Creek and Last Chance it is almost guaranteed that stripers in Lake Canyon, Halls, Moki and Bullfrog will be doing the same things.

The second option is to research Anglers Corner looking specifically at fishing reports near Bullfrog from March to April to get a feel for what happened in previous spring time trips. Don't forget to look in the archived reports as well. Fish are creatures of habit and will perform the same in spring 2006 as they do in 2017.

The current information from Bullfrog is that a huge shad population was detected there in fall 2016. In March it is likely that stripers will stay in the backs of canyons, particularly Bullfrog, Halls, Moki, Lake, where they can feed on and interact with shad schools. If the shad were eaten or moved out of the canyons then the stripers will migrate as well. If they find no shad, then stripers will move into the main channel toward Moki Wall and bait fishing will be great. If the shad have moved into another canyon then trolling, spooning and casting will be the key to locating them. In the spring always take bait along to try if the fish are seen on the graph but will not strike spoons or crankbaits.

I really think spring fishing at Bullfrog will be great this year but it will be specific to a few locations. Look at the Bulletin Board for up to the minute reports. If you fish at Bullfrog then please give us a report so that those fishing after you leave will have a starting point.

The best thing about this site is the sharing of information that allows all to be successful in fishing on such a huge lake. Thank You.

If you have fished Bullfrog recently please post a quick report in this thread.
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