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Maybe I am missing something simple?? How do I edit avatar photo?

Thanks in advance Wordlings!
I would love to follow protocol but don't know what protocol is. thought i would do an introduction but hit blocks. I thought it would be easy. My tag is birdsnest(only with a baitcaster).
Well, just to leave some useful info in this thread... :D

To edit your avatar, click on your UserName (where ever it appears - works almost anywhere). Once you're in your profile page, click your existing avatar (or the generic logo provided by default). You can then select an image to upload - or - you can use a gravatar (an avatar shared among many of your online accounts).

If that doesn't get you what you need, or if you run into other issues, feel free to PM me. And on this board, that means "Start a Conversation" - which is available by clicking on my avatar.

Hope that helps!

seems silly because I've never had an avatar but seems like you're agreeable to help. I went to my profile page to get to the generic logo provided by default but could not find an image to select to upload. Forget gravatar, I'm clueless. This isn't that important to me but you could help me. I just don't want my avatar wearing a dress.
Okay, the avatar is any regular image that you would like to use. You have the option to browse for it on your computer. Once selected, it will be uploaded to the site and used as a visual identifier of you when you interact with the site.

PM is an acronym from older message boards meaning "Private Message." On this message board, the same function is available via the "Start a Conversation" option from any profile page.

Hope that helps!
Yes, we do have to limit the size (dimensions as well as file size) to maintain the integrity of the message board. You'll need to use a utility (Paint, or Photos, for example) to reduce the size. From another thread -

Photo uploads are limited to 1Mb each - and that allows for a HUGE photo. However, please be frugal and post photos of an appropriate size (for viewing and storage). HD resolution is 1920 by 1080 and so the max resolution we currently support is 1920 by 1920 (to accommodate both portrait and landscape orientations of HD content).
All of the "use photobucket, jpeg this and that" I just cut and paste my avatar & it actually worked with the photo of the Denver Wordling breakfast a few years back. Maybe I'm not painting inside the lines, but, it works. Sq
Happily, there is no requirement for PhotoBucket or any other 3rd party image hosting anymore. You can now drag-and-drop photos directly into posts. :cool:
Thank you for making it so user friendly that I can even do it. I couldn't figure out the old system. Sq
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